Ways to Boost TikTok Follower Growth

TikTok may be one of the newest social media platforms to hit the scene, but it’s already popular with all sorts of brands. As with other platforms, though, it can be hard for smaller businesses and would-be influencers who don’t yet have a following to get started. This article will focus on easy, actionable ways to boost TikTok follower growth.

1. Understand the Algorithms

The first thing for those who are new to TikTok to get a handle on is how the algorithms work. They’re similar to those of other social media platforms, all of which prioritize content based on what they think users will most like to see. What that typically means is creators who already have plenty of followers and a strong presence on the site have their content boosted while those who are new to TikTok struggle to be seen. 

Arguably the best solution to beating the algorithms is to find cheap TikTok likes for sale to signal that the content is popular and should be prioritized. While it may feel counterintuitive at first, buying some likes is one of the best ways to start building an organic following.

2. Track Trends

Trends matter more on TikTok than they do on other social media platforms, so don’t be afraid to be a follower. Check the app to see what sound clips, songs, and hashtags are currently trending, then try to find ways to incorporate them into new, brand-relevant content.

TikTok is also famous for its video challenges. Pay attention to the challenges of the day, and look for opportunities to participate. Once established, some businesses even create their own challenges to increase brand recognition, boost engagement rates, and attract new followers.

3. Use Hashtags Appropriately

While tracking and following trends is an important part of establishing a brand on TikTok, just tagging every trending hashtag in the captions is not. This surprisingly common approach to using hashtags looks spammy and tends to drive people away instead of boosting follower counts.

Instead of just throwing hashtags in at random, find the ones that are most relevant to the brand. The exception? The ever-present #foryou hashtag. While TikTok won’t say whether using the tag really helps videos make it to the For You page, enough popular creators are using it to justify assuming that it does.

4. Work with Influencers

Influencer marketing got its start on Instagram, but it’s just as effective for TikTok. Of course, working with influencers comes at a cost, so brands need to determine for themselves how the expense fits into their advertising budgets. When establishing partnerships with influencers, be sure to keep them professional and brand-relevant. While there has been a good deal of speculation regarding TikTok’s controversial use of “heating” to promote popular influencers’ content across different categories, sticking to within-category collaborations is a sure thing.

Start Publishing Content

No one will ever go viral on TikTok, or any other social media platform, for that matter, without publishing plenty of high-quality content. Before figuring out what influencers to work with, which hashtags to use, or even where to buy some likes to get the new account off to the right start, sit down and come up with a plan for platform-specific content marketing. Producing plenty of videos that target the right audiences is a great way to start generating an organic following.

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