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How to check the Emirates ID status?

The Emirates ID stands as a fundamental identification document within the country, necessitating the assurance of its continuous validity to avoid potential repercussions. Checking the status of your Emirates ID card is a straightforward process that can be easily accomplished.

To verify the emirates id status online, adhere to these simple steps:

Visit the official website of guidelines for emirates id status. Where you will read about the basic information about ICP. Visit the accessible website blog link and peruse through the wealth of information provided regarding the basic steps for checking Emirates ID status. Following this, diligently follow the outlined steps, and you will promptly retrieve your Emirates ID status displayed on your home screen. The entire process is meticulously elucidated, incorporating both image-based guidelines and detailed written instructions. Each step is comprehensively explained and visually represented within the article.

By immersing yourself in the content of the available article, you can effortlessly navigate the process and efficiently check your Emirates ID status. The article’s link is explicitly mentioned, allowing for a seamless transition to the comprehensive information required for checking your ID status. Simply click on the article link, absorb the foundational details surrounding Emirates ID status, and empower yourself to easily verify your identification status with confidence.

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How to Renew Your Emirates ID: A Comprehensive Guide

All residents of the United Arab Emirates are mandated to possess a valid Emirates ID at all times. If your Emirates ID card has reached its expiration date, it is crucial to promptly renew it to evade potential consequences. Additionally, failing to initiate the renewal process on time might incur late fines.

Initiating the Renewal Process:

  • Online Renewal:
    • Utilize the ICP website or application available on App Store, Play Store, and Huawei.
    • Visit accredited typing centers or Dubai Customer Happiness Centers for assistance.
  • Biometric Data Update:
    • Applicants aged 15 and above must update their biometric data post the renewal application.

Cost of Emirates ID Renewal:

  • For UAE Citizens:
    • AED 170 (5-year validity)
    • AED 270 (10 years validity)
  • For Expats:
    • AED 170 (1-year validity)
    • AED 270 (2-year validity)
    • AED 370 (3-year validity)
  • For GCC Nationals:
    • AED 170 (1-year validity)

Grace Period and Late Renewal Fines:

  • Individuals failing to renew within 30 days post card expiry face a fine.
  • Late renewal penalty: AED 20 per day with a maximum cap of AED 1,000.
  • Early renewal possible six months before the expiry if residence visa is renewed or reissued.

Renewal from Outside UAE:

  • The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security offers a service enabling those abroad to renew through the smart application.
  • Mobile devices can be used to initiate the renewal process from outside the country.
  • Direct application for the transaction and proof of document ownership are essential.

Emirates id into 24 Hours

The Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Ports Security presents an expedited service known as ‘Fawri,’ allowing individuals to acquire their Emirates ID card within a mere 24 hours. This service caters to all age groups of UAE nationals and GCC nationals who officially reside in the country. ‘Fawri’ serves various purposes, including initial registration, renewal of expired cards, and replacement of damaged or lost cards.

For expatriate residents, excluding GCC nationals, the urgent service is exclusively applicable when replacing identity cards. This restriction arises due to the dependency of identity card issuance or renewal on proof of residency and associated procedures.

To avail the ‘Fawri’ service, individuals can visit the FAIC Customer Happiness Centres. While opting for this express service, an additional charge is levied on top of the regular application fee. The ‘Fawri’ service guarantees a swift and efficient process, ensuring applicants promptly receive their Emirates ID card. 


Stay informed about the renewal process, costs, and potential fines to ensure a seamless experience and compliance with regulations. Explore the mobile renewal service if residing outside the UAE for added convenience.

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