How to Choose the Perfect Black Prom Dress That Fits Your Body?

Are you looking for an ideal black prom dress for your body type? But before finding a dress, you should know what your body type is and select a dress that fits your body. Body types such as busty, petite, slender, or apple all have specific dress styles to accentuate their best points while maintaining balance. For instance, if you are buxom in body shape, then dresses with scoop or sweetheart necklines, mermaid sheaths, and belts would be ideal to flaunt your bust line as well, keeping the proportion of both upper and lower half intact. On the other hand, if your body size is apple type, then opt for dresses that have empire waists or embellished tops and A-silhouette, which will focus on your upper body, giving a more balanced look.

How To Choose The Black Prom Dress That Looks Best on You?

Are you looking to buy a perfect dress that fits your body? Firstly, you need to know your body type before finding a perfect dress for yourself. Here are a few dress suggestions as per the body size:

Busty Body Type

If you have a large bust and narrow hips, find an elegant dress that will showcase your fantastic chest area as well as highlight points towards the top of your body. The types of prom dresses that suit this body type include mermaid sheaths, belted dresses, scoop necks, and sweetheart necks, along with ruffles. Do not wear loose styles that hide your thin shape.

Apple Body Type

If you are heavy around the middle area and have an undefined waist, opt for an empire waist, embellished top, A-line dress, full-skirted dress, or ruching to make that midsection stand out. These styles will accentuate your upper body, and you’ll look balanced.

Plus-Size Body Type

There are various options available when looking for a perfect plus-size prom dress. The trick is to select which feature you want to be highlighted. Flowing dresses are universally flattering, while cap sleeves help make the arms look more slender. Don’t shy away from shorter dresses either, particularly if your legs are something you enjoy! Just be outrageously confident in any way that you fancy.

Petite Body Type

 For the petite girls out there, try to accentuate your delicate curves rather than hide them! Long, puffy, ball gown-like dresses will make your little frame disappear. This dress will weigh heavily on your body, making you feel as if you’re drowning. Instead, choose a short hemline style. A short black prom dress is great at emphasizing your incredible figure and drawing attention to all of your beautiful elements. And for those who dislike short dresses, opt instead for knee length, which is also a good cut when you are small.

Rectangle Body Type

If you have a rectangular body shape, you want your dress to add some movement to your appearance. One of the ways to achieve this is by wearing a one-shoulder dress. 

If you are looking to add a little more shape for prom night, try emphasizing your waistline with an empire waist dress or highlighting the hips along with some fitted trumpet-style gowns. These cuts can help you accentuate those curves and add that oomph.

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Pear Body Type

If you are pear-shaped, it will be important for your body that your look accentuates everything above the waist. For this, look for things that will attract the attention of your upper body, such as beaded decorations and lace. It is also important to find a gown where the bust fits so that there is some harmony between your upper and lower sections. Another great feature is full skirts that flare out at the bottom. All these styles will complement each other and highlight all your best features at prom.


Finding the perfect black prom dress for your body type is all about understanding and loving your unique shape. By specifying your body type and understanding which traits to enhance, you can confidently opt for a dress that not only fits great but also makes you feel fantastic on the most important night of your life. No matter what body type you have, busty, apple, slender, or rectangle and pear, you all need to identify the dress styles that will accentuate their best features whilst creating balance. Hello, Molly presents a sophisticated variety of black prom dresses to fit different body types. Scour through their collection and find a dress that not only fits you perfectly but also makes you feel extra special during your prom night.

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