Development Status of Countryside Residencia


Twin cities residents will soon be able to live in a new housing project called Countryside Residencia. Also, investors from the twin cities will help the investors live in a way that is on par with the best in the world. Most importantly, investors will be able to make the best residential investment in the community by choosing the best site location and payment plans. Also, there will be a variety of amenities to improve the quality of life for future investors in CSR.

Owners & Developers

The Zee Brothers and the SIM Builders are the ones who made the Countryside Residencia. Also, both developers are well-known and have proven themselves in the real estate business, which gives investors confidence that they will be able to improve their lifestyles.

Rawalpindi Farms in the Countryside

The project is the well-known investment opportunity in a farm near Rawalpindi that investors are interested in. Countryside Farms Islamabad is also a good place to invest because it has world-class infrastructure and a farm payment plan that is easy on the wallet. This is a unique chance to invest because it is based on the fact that the residential investment depends on the agriculture sector. There are also things like man-made lakes and organic goods that make life better for the people who live here. So, the Countryside Farms are the best and most ideal place to live and do business for investors in the Twin Cities.

NOC Status

The No Objection Certificate is a document that all investors must have in order to make a good investment. So, the people who started the new housing project will soon get the Rawalpindi Development Authority to approve it. Also, once the housing project is legal, the value of the housing complex will go up, making it the best place to live in the area and the best place to invest in housing.

Development Status

Work is being done on the 500-foot-wide main entrance to help investors make the most of their money. Also, the 5000 kanal of land will help the future residents meet their needs. And we know that the designer of the housing complex is Surbana Jurong, who knows how to make luxury housing that is also affordable. So far, the land is ready for construction work because it is being levelled and cut very quickly. Also, according to the latest news, the owners are trying to get the noc approval from the right people. Also, development work at the housing project will speed up once the residential projects are recognized as real housing projects. Last but not least, Estate Land Marketing website will have other updates, so keep looking for the latest news.

Place and Map

The developers are coming up with the perfect spot, which is also catching the eye of investors. Also, the site will be on the main GT Road, which makes it, like the Naval Anchorage Islamabad, one of the best places to buy a home. Also, the area will be close to Rawat’s T Chowk. The housing complex will be built right next to the Rawat Police Station. Most importantly, people who want to live there or invest usually look for places that are easy to get to so they can improve their living standards. Because of how easy it is to get to, this housing community is the best place to live, especially for people who live in or invest in Gujar Khan.


The Country side is one of the new housing projects that will be built near the twin cities. Also, the developers have already shown that they are the best at what they do because their last project, Countryside farm, was a huge success. The best part is that the CSR owners go to the Rawalpindi Development Authority to get the NOC (RDA). Once the housing complex is legal, the value of the properties will go down, and investors will make a lot of money. Most importantly, investors will be able to live like people in other parts of the world for reasonable prices. So, people from the twin cities should invest here right away if they want to live a luxurious life.

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